Skrivnostna smrt Tutankamona

3185 stars
Bob Brier

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Title Skrivnostna smrt Tutankamona
Rating 3185 stars
Author Bob Brier
Pages 259
Isbn 9612335664
Review Flicked through this again, in the same vein as I flicked through the Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt book yesterday. Reread bits of it. I believe the actual theory is discounted now, due to more high-tech scans, but it's still interesting, because it doesn't solely seek to pose the theory that Tutankhamen was murdered -- there's a lot about his life, too, and that of Akhenaten (now confirmed to be his father, I believe?).

Very exciting stuff for me, when I was younger, and still interesting when I read it now.


I really enjoyed this book; it remains one of the best I've come across about ancient Egypt in general and the alleged 'murder' of King Tutankhamen in particular. To me he builds the most convincing case I've ever seen for 'murder' not so much with the limited--not to mention passionately disputed and constantly reinterpreted--physical evidence but by examining the social record of the people who surrounded and succeeded the boy king. The section about Amarna was facinating and really well researched. I personally enjoyed the hypothetical reconstruction the author created they really brought history to life for me, but I can see how they might be a bit dreamy for some.

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